Spire Liverpool joins the growing list of hospitals now offering Rafaelo

Spire Liverpool, under the lead of Mr Raj Rajaganeshan FRCS, is delighted to now be offering The Rafaelo Procedure.

New Study of Rafaelo Procedure with 18 month follow-up

Dr Vivaldi of Cologne, Germany, has recently presented his study of 58 patients, with a follow-up after 12 months, reporting that 57 out of 58 saw a significant improvement in their symptoms, without any major complication.Poster_Rafaelo_Munchen2017 UK

Rafaelo Procedure now available on the NHS at University College Hospital, London

The Rafaleo Procedure is now available to all suitable patients at University College London Hospital, under the expert guidance of Mr Richard Cohen FRCS.

Whiteley Clinic successfully completes their first Rafaelo Procedure at their new clinic in Central London

Mr Amyn Haji FRCS carried out his first Rafaelo Procedure today under local anaesthetic at the new Whiteley Clinic in Central London. Clinics will now be held weekly for those seeking a fast, effective and relatively painless cure from their symptoms of haemorrhoids.

The Whiteley Clinic to start offering Rafaelo

We are delighted to announce that The Whiteley Clinic at One Chapel Place, W1 are to start offering the Rafaelo Procedure, under the expert hand of Mr Amyn Haji FRCS, from Thursday 4th May 2017.

A life changing experience!

Mrs Elliott (86) was treated for her prolapsing haemorrhoids by Consultant Colorectal Surgeon, Mr Nick West, having suffered on and off for the past 63 years but got to the stage where her symptoms were no longer manageable. She read about Rafaelo in the Daily Mail and did her own research on the internet. Mrs Elliott says that the procedure itself was totally comfortable and she is now fully cured of her symptoms. She says that The Rafaelo Procedure is ‘absolutely life changing’ and would recommend it to anyone

Another satisfied patient!

Paul Sylvester FRCS from Spire Bristol commented today on his examination of a recent Rafaelo patient “The second man we treated with a prolapse has had a really good symptomatic response.  Some bleeding week 2, as expected, with some evidence of mucosal slough.  On examination now he cannot feel it and a proctoscopy already shows a reduction by 75% in size.  No pain at all’.

Rafaelo goes East!

Mr Justin Davies, consultant colorectal surgeon at Spire Cambridge Lea, today carried out his first two Rafaelo treatments, making him the first surgeon in East Anglia to offer the treatment. With Rafaelo lists planned on a regular basis, Mr Davies sees this as an excellent addition to his treatment regime.

Pearson on a Double!

Mr Tom Pearson FRCS carried out his first two Rafaelo procedures today at The Chelmsford Private Hospital, both complete successes. He now intends to offer regular Rafaelo lists going forward, seeing this as a superb alternative to surgery.

BMI Droitwich Spa joins the list of Rafaelo Centres

Last weekend saw BMI Droitwich Spa offering its first Rafaelo Procedure under the expert hands of Mr Amit Patel and Mr Miguel Zilvetti. Between them they treated 7 patients on their first list and more are lining up to have this simple and effective procedure.