Rafaelo now available in Cornwall

Denzil May FRCS is the first surgeon in Cornwall to be offering the Rafaelo Procedure and we look forward to supporting him – Click here for the new article in Cornwall Living



Another satisfied patient…

Here is an anonymised letter to the GP of a patient of Mr Barsoum, Consultant Surgeon, who offers Rafaelo from Spire Parkway…

“I reviewed this pleasant gentleman in my clinic today 4 weeks following his Rafaelo procedure for recurrent haemorrhoids.  Mr XXXX is absolutely delighted with the outcome, he never took a single painkiller and he said that he wished he had met me and undergone this procedure before as he had had previous very bad experiences with a haemorrhoidectomy, banding and various procedures in the past.  He has had no bleeding, no itching or any other complication and today he was so well that he did not wish to be examined.  I have advised him strongly to avoid constipation and have discharged him back to your care.”

First list at The Duchy, Truro

We are delighted that our first list at Ramsay’s Duchy Hospital went well yesterday, treating 3 patients in quick succession. Mr Denzil May FRCS will be spearheading the introduction of Rafaelo at Duchy Hospital, supported by Matron Debby Blease, Theatre Sister, Ann Hole, and the extremely capable Business Development Manager, Ms. Lucy Moyse. A great team and we look forward to working with them in the future.

Another NHS Hospital offers The Rafaelo Procedure

Today we attended the first Rafaelo list at the Royal Hampshire County NHS Hospital. Mr Jack Broadhurst FRCS and Mr Tim Moore FRCS have jointly introduced Rafaelo to the NHS in Winchester and today their first 5 patients were successfully treated. The speed of the treatment, coupled with the extremely efficient team which managed the patient changeovers, meant that we even finished the list early! Everyone was delighted with the way it went and we look forward to supporting the team again very soon. 
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Spire Little Aston hosts The Rafaelo Procedure

Two more surgeons, Mr Haney Youssef FRCS and Mr Rajeev Peravali FRCS both now offer The Rafaelo Procedure at Spire Little Aston in the West Midlands. Today we supported Mr Youssef’s first session with his next planned for 8th April, where 4 four patients are already on the list.

Benenden Hospital adds Rafaelo to its offering

We are delighted that Benenden Hospital has become the latest to offer The Rafaelo Procedure with dedicated rectal bleed clinics starting in March. Look and listen out for their marketing campaign to launch on the Radio, on trains, at train stations, in a number of local newspapers and in their own magazine ‘Be Connected’. We look forward to supporting the launch.

Dorset welcomes Rafaelo as Nuffield extends its offering South

On Tuesday 22nd January, Mr Andrew Clarke FRCS, with the support of his surgical team at Nuffield Health Bournemouth hospital, became the first surgeon in Dorset to successfully use the Rafaelo Procedure and will now routinely be offering this as an alternative to painful surgical treatments.

Another NHS Hospital to offer the Rafaelo Procedure

With effect from 6th March, Mr Jack Broadhurst FRCS and Mr Tim Moore FRCS will be offering The Rafaelo Procedure from the Royal Hampshire County Hospital in Winchester, Hampshire. Both colorectal surgeons were trained in the procedure at UCH in London under the expertise of Mr Richard Cohen FRCS and are now looking forward to introducing the technique, which is now being offered nationwide from Glasgow to Truro, to their patients who would otherwise may have faced a far more invasive operation to treat their Haemorrhoids.

Whiteley Clinics expand their Rafaelo offering to their Guildford Site

Following the success of the Rafaelo Procedure at Whiteley Clinics (London) we’re delighted that Mr Simon Middleton is now offering the procedure at Whiteley Clinics (Guilford) located at Stirling Way, Guildford.