BMI The Sloane joins in the offering

Today a Kent based hospital hosted the latest Rafaelo Procedure as its take-up spreads across the South East, under the expertise of Mr Joseph Ellul. With new sites on course to share in the success of this revolutionary new treatment, we anticipate the widespread offering of The Rafaelo Procedure over the next few months.

Rafaelo Procedure now available in Central London

The first Rafaelo Procedure to be carried out in Central London took place at BUPA Cromwell under the expert hand of Mr Amyn Haji, Consultant Colorectal Surgeon. The procedure was a complete success, the patient able to walk away immediately after the treatment and resume his daily activities, without any post operative pain.

Another Central London hospital to offer the Rafaelo Procedure

Hitesh Patel, Consultant Colorectal Surgeon is the latest to join the list of those offering the Rafaelo Procedure, from his clinic at BMI London Independent.

Early results from Nick West, Colorectal Surgeon

Mr Nick West, Colorectal Surgeon, has conducted his first handful of Rafaelo Procedure treatments and can report all as resounding successes. Free Consultations are now available at Spire St. Anthonys. Please click here for more information.

Announcing the first UK surgeon to offer The Rafaelo Procedure

We are delighted to announce that the Rafaelo Procedure is now being offered at Spire St. Anthonys, North Cheam, Sutton, under the direction of Mr Nick West, Colorectal Surgeon.